It can be challenging to convince children of the many benefits of dental healthcare. A mixture of sugary foods and a willingness to avoid visiting the dentist can be a bad combination. At Ombersley Family Dental, we’ve put together some helpful tips to persuade your children to visit the dentist regularly.

Start them early

The earlier you start bringing your child to the dentist, the less chance they have of being affected by false scare stories once they get to school age. Allowing them to become familiar with the environment and process of visiting the dentist from an early age will encourage regular visits.

Set the example

As parents, we are the most significant role models our children can have, so by ensuring your brush your teeth twice daily, floss at least once a day and use a good quality mouth wash, your children will take note and develop a healthy dental hygiene routine.

Be optimistic about your visits to the dentist in Worcester

When you visit the dentist, make your children aware and show them the results of your trip. Amaze them with the cleanliness of your teeth and how regular visits will help keep your teeth in excellent condition.

Explain the benefits of regular dental hygiene

If you can instil in your children good dental hygiene that they follow daily, you can explain how these habits result in:

  • an attractive smile
  • a reduction or elimination in cavities
  • removal of plaque from their teeth
  • fresh smelling breath

Find a good family dentist in Worcester

Finally, make sure you take your child to a dentist in Worcester that is familiar with having young children as patients. At Ombersley Family Dental Practice, we welcome children and do everything to make their visits as comfortable and rewarding as possible.